Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's been a while since I last posted... I'll blame that on my business with school. And so with finals coming up (tomorrow) I desired to distract myself from my studies and do a bit of writing. I realized that in the Computer Science field one doesn't get to write much. At least not in the traditional sense. I do get to write a lot of code and draw many diagrams/schematics, but its not the same.

Its interesting that God gave us different ways of expressing our thoughts. One might say that the mathematical method is more precise, and to a certain extent they would be correct. When I write an equation or truth-table there is no room left for ambiguity. Any reader that picks up my work will know exactly what I meant to say and how the concept I'm describing works.

This is not the case in the practice of writing. Things can be ambiguous, in many cases this is considered poetic. The great thing about language is that thoughts can be expressed in a myriad of tints and colors. Literature and poetry allow us to express the emotional spin that we all put on a given truth. This is a fun thing to think about -- Humans are not computers they will not always do exactly as their told. They can not only comprehend but also reason feel experience reality.


  1. its interesting that there are millions of people in the world, but no one thinks the exactly the same, i guess thats why god makes such things like lauguages so we can exchange..
    i think the beautiful of poetic lauguage is about the ambiguity bc sometimes you can express more than one meaning at the same times, and many times in life, the feelings are undescribable.

  2. oh that your finals went btw?